The Employers’ Council is a resource for you and your Human Resource department, which can help your company save valuable time, avoid costly mistakes, and create peace of mind by knowing that you have the best available legal counsel at your disposal.

   Members of The Employers’ Council may be entitled to free and/or discounted legal work.

Members receive a discounted rate on legal fees for all legal matters handled which may include:

  • Free telephone advice & consultation on general labor and employment law matters
  • Federal and state court representation in wrongful discharge and/or discrimination cases
  • Review of employer policies & procedures
  • In-house training & seminars
  • Preparation of personnel handbooks, OSHA programs, and Department of Transportation programs including Injury & Illness Prevention, Workplace Security and Hazard Communication programs
  • Representation before: All California Courts and Federal Courts within California; State Labor Commissioner; Cal OSHA; Department of Fair Employment & Housing; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; National Labor Relations Board; Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board; U.S. Department of Labor; Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Direct Access to California Attorney

Unlike other online employment law or human resource programs, The Employers’ Council retains the services of Young, Cohen & Durrett, LLP, a California law firm focusing on the needs of businesses with expertise in labor & employment, commercial real estate law, and business law. When you call on The Employers’ Council for advice, you will be speaking to an attorney licensed to practice in California, not someone sitting in a call center reading from a script.

For more information on Young, Cohen & Durrett, LLP, you may visit their website at

Forms and Checklists 

Only The Employers’ Council members have access to our online forms directory which contains government required forms (such as the IRS Form W4 and Department of Homeland Security Form I-9) as well as a variety of employment forms (including disciplinary forms; sample evaluations, time-off requests and forms to deal with meal period issues). All of the forms found in our forms directory have been tailored to meet California’s employment and labor law requirements.

Additionally, The Employers’ Council members have access to carefully prepared checklists that allow you to have everything in order when you need to hire, discipline or terminate employees. Even though The Employers’ Council is only a phone call away, these forms and checklists help our members to feel secure that they have kept accurate employment records that will often prove useful when an issue does arise.

Business Health Check and Document Retrieval Service

Members can request an on-site review of federal and state employment laws and regulations and a review of their compliance in these areas annually. Available to associate and regular service members are copies of state and federal legislation, governmental regulations, and required postings, as well as copies of court decisions. If you cannot find the postings you are looking for, simply give The Employers’ Council a call and we will retrieve the documents and forward them to you.

Seminars and Legislative Watch 

The Employers’ Council sponsors educational seminars on pertinent employment matters, including an Annual Employment Law Update, How to Hire and Fire, Mandatory Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Training, and other periodic seminars. The Employers’ Council monitors legislation at the state and federal levels in order to provide employers with timely input about changes in the law that may affect your business, and which businesses may wish to address.


Members of The Employers’ Council receive periodic E-Blasts on employment and labor law topics and other business-related issues.  A few of our recent blasts can be read by selecting from the links below.

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