First and most important, as a member of The Employers’ Council your human resource staff will have phone access to a licensed California employment attorney. Members agree that this is an invaluable service. There are many day-to-day issues most human resource departments handle which prevent them from studying and staying current on employment law. It is difficult for busy human resource department to stay on top of all legal matters, including ensuring that your organization is in compliance with applicable state or federal laws so you can avoid costly fines or potential lawsuits. The Employers’ Council offers information and guidance to your human resource manager on a variety of human resource topics. Your human resource department will greatly appreciate the expertise and the resources The Employers’ Council has to offer them.


We are a small business and don’t have a human resource department, can we still join The Employers’ Council?

The Employers’ Council works with businesses of all sizes. If you do not have a human resource department, The Employers’ Council can act as your “go-to” for human resource issues. The Employers’ Council can provide you with answers to employment law questions, required government postings, educational seminars and the forms you will need to maintain accurate and thorough personnel files which help you stay in compliance with state and federal employment law. Our members find that the guidance they receive from The Employers’ Council helps them to be proactive and prepared in the event employee issues arise.


Why should our company join a statewide association when our corporate office is a member of other national associations who provide similar services?

California has many unique employment laws and regulations, which is why The Employers’ Council members appreciate having a licensed California attorney to talk to when issues come up. A national association or even an online human resource program is not necessarily based in California and probably will not be able to address your specific issues and come up with an answer grounded in California law that is tailored to your situation. Our members appreciate that, for a nominal membership fee, they can call with a question and then promptly hear back from a California attorney who will give them specific answers and not just vague generalities, which can help them avoid unnecessary penalties due to the differences in varying state laws.


Why should our company join The Employers’ Council when brand X has an online 24-hour HR hotline that I can call?

Having a 24-hour hotline sounds great until you ask yourself, who is answering my questions at 3:00 a.m.? With a 24-hour online services you have no idea who you are talking to or what skills and training they possess. When you call The Employers’ Council for advice you will get an answer from a California attorney, not a computer program or someone sitting in a cubicle on the other side of the world.

We know the right questions to ask to get to the heart of your employment issues. A computer or other online program cannot do that. Hearing the stress in your voice and picking up on other subtleties as you tell us your story, requires a human touch. Time and time again our members report the best reason for becoming a member is having priority access to real attorneys for routine telephone advice on employment and labor law matters.


I can never get a hold of my HR department/attorney. How quickly will The Employers’ Council answer my questions?

The Employers’ Council understands its members are business owners and time sensitive employment issues often come up at a moment’s notice. If an attorney is not available when you call, rest assured that phone calls are normally returned within hours, not days.


Our company is a small business and has operated for years without a problem. Why should we join?

Whether small or large, employers today are faced with more complex laws and regulations than ever before. Membership in The Employers’ Council can help avoid lawsuits and alleviate other problems before they lead to litigation. The Employers’ Council will help you identify red flags which may lead to potential problems and find solutions to avoid issues in the future.