The Employers’ Council: An Employer’s Legal Resource

Employers are often confused by the myriad of employment issues they face on a daily basis. Trying to wrap your hands around these constantly changing rules can be like trying to grasp sand as it slides through your fingers. You have probably wondered: “How often do I need to update my employee handbook?”; or “My company has a probationary period…is that a good idea?” Or “What is ‘at-will’?” It is likely you have been faced with the complex dilemma of how to discipline and eventually terminate an employee in a manner that remains in compliance with various state and federal laws.

Do you ever wish there was someone you could call to get quick, up-to-date advice when issues like this come up? Well, you can!  The Employers’ Council was developed for that very purpose. The Employers’ Council was designed to provide employers with advice from a lawyer on employment-related matters that often come up on a daily basis. The goal of The Employers’ Council is to educate companies and provide legal updates that can help prevent or mitigate potential lawsuits by employees.

The Employers’ Council was designed to act as a Human Resource guide or to supplement an existing HR Department.

Employment law encompasses all areas of the employer/employee relationship. Employers need The Employers’ Council to help navigate through the thousands of Federal and state statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial decisions relating to employment law. Many employment laws (e.g., wage and hour regulations and various leave of absence rules) can be confusing, even to savvy business owners and veteran Human Resource managers.

The Employers’ Council is here to help its members understand which laws affect them as circumstances arise in the workplace. Employment law includes issues such as wages and hours, leaves and medical issues, occupational safety and health, harassment, discrimination, and abusive conduct. Some of the more cutting-edge issues involved in employment law are privacy rights and social media, restrictive covenants, and new classifications of protected status for employees.

Members of The Employers’ Council have direct access to employment attorneys. Members can call an attorney, without charge, to run a situation by them or ask general questions. A complete listing of benefits can be found on the Membership Benefits page. No company is too small or too large to benefit from the services of The Employers’ Council.